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Jacqueline was born in the Grand Canyon State of Arizona. Her love for painting started at a young age, but for most of her life it just remained a hobby. She moved to San Antonio Texas in 2006, and in 2017 she began to take a renewed interest in pursuing art professionally.  

In early 2021, she decided to quit life on the road as a truck driver to work on her art career. She was accepted into San Antonio Artist Collective in August 2021 and within one month her artwork was featured in Alas Pa Volar Gallery.

From that point she began Live Painting Festivals and Art shows in San Antonio. In 2021, she was accepted into one of the best galleries in Miami, Wynwood Art District, for her Abstract Lines. Miami is where she started with her first Live Wedding Paintings and in January 2022 she joined Snap Chic Wedding Painting.

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Crystal is an artist of many styles and mediums. Mostly acrylic and oil. She is best known for her wildlife paintings, live wedding paintings, and landscape murals. She paints life like portraits of people and animals as well. Crystal’s wildlife paintings are influenced by her love of the outdoors and hunting/fishing.One of her favorite things growing up was her hiking/backpacking trips with her family. “There is nothing like the peacefulness and beauty of nature.”


In her works, she gives special attention to detail and loves experimenting with vibrant colors. 




Sophia is a self-taught artist from Southern California. She was immersed in California’s beautiful cultures, cityscapes, and biodiversity; coupled with her love of novels, daydreaming, and spirituality. These ingredients birthed her passion for creative expression at a young age. Her preferred creative expression was drawing with pen and colored pencil until 2020 during COVID-19 quarantine, when she pick up the paints! The following year she became a painting instructor at a local art studio, and her love for painting blossomed!


She is best know for her colorful nature-inspired artworks, featuring subjects from… people, animals, plants, insects, fictional creatures, and now weddings! After getting married herself in 2022, she understands the importance in capturing these special life events encompassed by love, and strives to show that love through every brushstroke. 


1 Corinthians 13:4-8



Natalie is a professional artist and live wedding painter servicing San Antonio, TX and beyond.  She studied Interior Design at the Art Institute of Dallas. Through her studies she developed skills for rendering interior and architectural detailing. Painting became her defining passion as she began to create custom murals and canvas commissions in her design work.


With live painting Natalie was able to incorporate all of her creative skills as an artist to develop a unique and beautiful work of art! Each painting that she makes is definitive of capturing the most beautiful memories of the couples most cherished day, through art and entertainment.


“There is no better way to feel the lasting impressions of how your love began than Live Wedding Painting”.





Laura is from Santa Fe, New Mexico, but has lived in San Antonio for the last eight years.  She loves to travel and paint live weddings and Plein Air paintings. Laura has displayed her work at the Nussbaumer Fine Art Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and has painted commissioned works of art for most of her adult life. 

Her creative endeavors include painting, collage, folk art, calligraphy, sculpture, drawing, knitting, and sewing, as well as public speaking, drama and theater, music, and singing.  “It is my ultimate joy to see others being inspired by the creative process.” Laura specializes in southwest impressionist style paintings that portray nature, animals, culture, people, and history.



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Having trained under her mother, also a Snap Chic artist Laura, Maura has experience in various art forms, including pastel, calligraphy, collage, leatherwork, knitting, singing, theatre, and most importantly, acrylic paints. After assisting Laura Herndon at wedding paintings for several years and fine-tuning her skill, Maura was thrilled to join the Snap Chic Wedding Painting team to create unique memories that eternalize the love and joy of happy couples in Texas and beyond.


Maura’s impressionist, romanticist style is inspired by the atmosphere of the wedding and the stories of her subjects. She looks forward to connecting with couples and blessing them with a painting from their special day.


Pearl has been passionate about art all her life. Drawing and painting specifically came naturally to her, and she found herself creating works of art throughout all her school years. In high school Pearl received her first recognition of talent during a local art contest, from the mayor of San Antonio. In her years following, Pearl pursued a career in the corporate world, dreaming of a full time artistic career, and eventually she decided to leave her corporate job for her dream. 


Pearl now paints artwork for herself and her community in San Antonio. Pearl’s favorite subject’s are painting live guest watercolors, pet portraits, loved ones, and pop culture references. Pearl looks forward to capturing memories forever through Art for families to enjoy for generations. 


Luis is an accomplished local portrait artist with a full bio coming soon! 

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